hyaluronic lifting gel

Unique gel formula with highly concentrated hyaluronic acid for all types of mature skin 60+.
Contains active ingredients stimulating skin renewal processes.

Provides immediate lifting effect.
Reduces the imperfections of fatigue skin.
Effectively smooths out surface wrinkles (20%)*.
Intensely and long-lastingly moisturises the epidermis (40%)*.
*after 28-day treatment with hyaluronic gel, day cream and night cream

proven activity
The effectiveness of active ingredients proven in in vitro tests.
Smoothing effectiveness proven in in-vivo tests.
The increase in collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis proven in ex-vivo tests.

Apply a small amount of gel on wrinkle-prone skin.
Recommended to use as a base under day and night cream.
The excess may appear in the form of dry bio-gel.

  • 30 ml
  • mature / wrinkle prone
  • saffron