acai berry guide



– polluted air
– smog and dust
– UV radiation
– air-conditioning

negative external factors affect the skin
 – impair barrier functions of the epidermis
 – decrease skin hydration and elasticity
– accelerate ageing processes and wrinkles formation

as a result, the skin:
– ages faster
– loses its elasticity
– undergoes photoaging
– is dry, hypersensitive, with discolored patches


the skin:
– sensitive and dry with the first wrinkles
– tired and dull
– for people living in large urban agglomerations

anti-pollution and tech neck effects

the skin:
– resistant to harmful environmental factors
– smooth, resilient and elastic skin of the face, neck and body
– moisturized due to active layered hydration
– radiant, brightened, with a younger healthy look




– antipollution
In cosmetology, antipollution means adjusting care elements to environmental threats.

– smog
Clouds of air pollutants composed of harmful chemical compounds and never settling dust. The greatest threat to human health is fine dust with a particle diameter of not more than 2.5 micrometers (PM 2.5).

– antioxidants
Compounds that stop or delay oxidation processes and contribute to the neutralization of free radicals.

– tech neck effect
Tech neck refers to the wrinkles on the neck formed as a result of looking down on mobile phones and other mobile devices.